An Iconic Life-The Story of the Goth Family

~The Goth Family is known to players of all three Sims franchises. In their multiple incarnations, they have been always been a constant sourse of mystery, intrigue and fascination for Sims players.

In the Sims 3 we have Gunther Goth, Goth family patriarch, and his wife Cornelia (Crumplebottom) Goth, and their son, the Goth heir Mortimer.

This is my own take on their story, and their lives, in my Sims 3 Gameplay…Enjoy!~



-Part 1-

The Goth's Impressive Manor

A house like this suggests a certain type of owner. It’s inhabitants must be posh, well read, wealthy, and perhaps just a little bit eccentric. In this such house, the one from many a dark tale, live a family that never let the Gothic Revival period die.

In fact, Goth is their family name, and they are still as revered in Sunset Valley as they were when they first built their mansion in the town, over 500 years ago.

The Goth’s have been a staple in Sunset Valley since the beginning. Although the community of the town was largely developed, expanded by, and brought into the modern era by the Landgraab family, it was the Goth’s who settled it first.

A side view of Goth Manor

No one knows quite where the Goth pedigree originated, but their family legends suggest that they started as a nomadic tribe in the East of the Old Country. When one of their ancient clan leaders, Maximus Gothikus, befriended a powerful military general, their luck changed, and they inherited quite a bit of property for their friendship and service, and a substantial amount of influence.

The Goth’s took their jobs seriously, and they quickly became respected leaders. They held positions in government, law, and business. They began to use one-fourth of their annual incomes for philanthropic efforts in the community, and the modern Goth’s of 13 Skyridge Blvd. continue this practice today.

Today, it is Gunther Goth, his wife Cornelia, and their only son, Mortimer who live in the manor. It’s official name is “Macabre Manor”, but they choose not to refer to it as such, since it might send neighbors the wrong idea. Instead, they simply call it “Goth Manor”.

Cornelia's Courtyard Garden, a wedding present from Gunther.

“They dress strange” is a common opinion, but “that dosen’t overshadow the fact that they are polished, professional people who always make an effort to do good” says Sunset Valley doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Landgraab.

Gunther, who inherited the family fortune from his parents, Victor and Gretle Goth, is the spitting image of a Victorian gentleman scholar. He wears a top-hat, as a nod to the chivalry that seems to now be disappearing in the modern era.

He has a calling to be a public servant, so as the CEO of a prolific corporation, he donates some yearly surplus funds to various charities. His boss, Thornton Wolff, is a bit of a Scrooge, and disaproves, but he dosen’t complain, because Gunther’s kindness brings them new customers every year!

Gunther could, in fact, be called a workaholic, giving all his free time to advancing his company, and helping others, but he wasn’t always. He used to make much more time for his young wife, Cornelia, and their son, Mortimer.

Gunther and Cornelia try to make the most of the little moments they have together.

Recently, Gunther and Cornelia’s relationship has suffered greatly from Gunther’s long work hours that keep him absent from time with the family. Gunther loves his wife, and adores his only child, but with so many priorities, he has a hard time giving them all the attention they deserve.

Cornelia is Gunther’s ideal woman, and Cornelia herself could never envision being with any other man but Gunther. In fact, before they met, Cornelia had settled on the fact that she may never meet a man up to her high standards, so she might as well become content with the possibility of remaining unmarried. Of course, as these things tend to go, she met Gunther Goth at a Christmas dinner party that her elderly parents, Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom, held every year.

Cornelia Goth is Gunther's ideal woman.

Gunther and Cornelia bonded over their shared belief that people of privelage, such as themselves, are obliged to help those who are less fortunate. After a year of working together, helping orphans in the Old Country, Gunther Goth asked Cornelia Crumplebottom to marry him. She accepted, and Gunther and Cornelia wed in a lavish affair at the private Goth Family Cemetary, in the eveining.

Yes, a very odd place for a wedding! But the couple chose the venue because they couldn’t stand not to have their loved ones that has passed, spend this happy occassion with them.

Cornelia’s sister, and closest friend, Agnes, found this particularly touching, since her husband Erik Darling had passed away in a freak scuba-diving accident on their recent honeymoon. Agnes was encouraged to bring Erik’s urn to the ceremony, which she did.

Gunther and Cornelia had nothing to fear in death. They were content with their lives as individuals, but even more excited for their life together, a union that they believed would continue beyond the grave.


2 Responses to “An Iconic Life-The Story of the Goth Family”

  1. Utopia Says:

    I love this! You take the character we already know and make a new story with them. And I really liked how you slipped in comments from other “sunseters” like G. Landgraab.

    • Aalyah Reed Says:

      Thank You for visiting my site! Its exciting to start to get more viewers! I like the term “sunseters”! Thats a good abbreviation for the residents! I like creating a backstory for the premade families, because despite us knowing some of them for years (Like the Goth’s and the Newbies) there are still so many unanswered questions! I will be sure to visit your legacy site! I have not personally done a legacy, but I enjoy reading them!

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